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Packet sent: 9/21/2018
Packet received: 9/24/2018
RNG assigned: 7282 email requested on 5/28/2019
Contact that it is my turn: 6/20/19 2:30pm. PST
Grade offered: Rack or Field. Selected Field Grade.
Shipped: 24 Jun 2019
Received: 25 Jun 2019 California, visited on 27 Jun 2019 to start paperwork, now wait 10 days.
Make received: The tag and slide both say Colt, but the serial number from the data base says Remington Rand
Model received: M1911a1
Serial Number received: 1,596,xxx
Grade received: Field

Update, got to see it today. Field Grade is a very solid and good looking gun. I will post pictures soon and looking forward to picking it up in 10 days!

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