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Originally Posted by lapriester View Post
IMHO the biggest difference between most other milsurp rifles and the 1903 (esspecially the 1903A3) is the sights. For many shooters they can shoot an A3 much more accurately than say a Swede or K31 because of the sights and their ease of use and better sight picture. I, personally, have nothing but problems with anything but peep type sights. Even though a Swede or K31 may be more accurate, I still shoot better with my A3 and my M1903 with it's USMC sights front and rear due to the sights alone.

I hear you; this reason is why I now only have FSR M96's with a rear diopter - and my K31's have either a St. Marie scope mount with a Weaver K4, or a Swiss Products diopter.
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