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Originally Posted by weimar_police View Post
When traveling by myself, I just tell the gps to look for hotels enroute and pick one I like a hour or so ahead of me, call and see if they have rooms. Seldom stay at mil housing, too hard to find one on the way
My wife is active duty and relocates every 4-6 weeks, and since I can, I relocate with her so we can be together and she can see our baby boy when she gets time off (not too much of that).

So I drive a compact car that's packed with the upmost care to maximize how much I can put in it. I have one backpack that has my clothes and toiletries while on the road, but like to leave everything else in place as it takes about an hour to pack (and about 30 minutes to unpack). I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the car with stuff in the passenger compartment anywhere off base (not that I care that much about the stuff, I just don't want to deal with busted windows and don't want to have to spend time buying new stuff (it's mostly toys for my infant who gets to fly with mommy while I drive to our next home base).
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