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Originally Posted by Tothemax View Post
Gotcha. Modding is really pretty dang easy. 95% of it is moving and closing threads. The other 5% is responding to reported issues. I've done it multiple times on other sites. Extra work yes, but it can be rewarding.
There are 8,600 active members on here, 120k in total. Who is going to review each avatar for potential issues? Who is going to review them when someone inevitably changes theirs? This is effectively a goverment related website. We're lucky it exists in any form. It's not a commercial website like Gunboards or where it doesn't really matter what people post. If people post or display questionable stuff here and the mods don't police it it's very easy for an anti gun group to screenshot that and say CMP hasn't taken it down so they must approve of XYZ. That's why political talk is verboten. They don't want pot stirring and I can't blame them. A stroke of the pen could put them out of business. I'm not sure why grown adults need pictures to post things but to me the downside far outweighs the up.