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Originally Posted by Tothemax View Post
I get what you're saying. No one reviews every avatar. People police themselves and when something questionable pops up, a mod either catches it or someone reports them. Going off your statement about anti gun people taking screenshots, The same argument can be applied to peoples posts. Some anti gun person can come on here and read a random post and potentially use it against someone. Do mods read every post? No. They rely on the members to report it so it can get taken down. Or they come upon it on pure luck.

As far as goes it actually matters a lot what people post over there. It's not the wild west (although some people may think it is) and we delete/lock a lot of threads.

Again it was just an thought, didn't know if it was an option or not. Like I said before to me it's easier to remember someone's avatar than it is their name.

I don't think this is a good idea.......... We don't need avatars.

The CMP relies on the govt as a source of supply. In the past it WAS part of the Govt. This forum almost got closed down over a hissy-fit about a sale here. For the CMP it is a neutral to lose and some controversy over a #$%^ avatar would shut it down.
There is a reason Mr. Johnson rarely if ever posts here..........

The Mods have enough to do here and I don't want the CMP distracted by this forum...........

Why do you feel the need to "remember" anyone?
You'll get a feel for the knowledgeable ones and the PITA's.
Their moniker is enough..........

Or in another way: Whats the difference between you "remembering me" by a picture of my dog or the "German guy from Denver?"
....................nothing....................... ....
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