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Exactly were not in the right group of Big Red Cheerleaders so we get pounded by him while they point out every little mistake anyone makes,soon as these people see something they don't like they run and squeal to Big Red and have him take care of whatever it is it someones not put their the last name on something or they made a mistake and next thing you know you get a point for this or that ,We all know who the boss is thats been shown to us all quite well,All we want to do is continue to post on here and read and help each other with out being harrassed about every little thing such as how you worded something or how you said something that rubbed someone the wrong way then they run to Big Red and make it an issue Right Kansas Poster your one of them that runs to him every chance you get on people.Just keep stirrin the pot just like your unconstructive negative posts you just made on here rather than try and help people you just want to tell there to read the rules and obey or get out,Well not everyone can remember every single word in the rules were here to contribute and make a very informative forum where people can learn and enjoy,Not have to worrie about a bunch of people who just want to lop heads off and back stab other fellow members of this forum like you just did me something I have never done to you as I dont even know you or talk to you and at this point in time I dont even desire to know someone as negative as you are in your posts you just made on here.Some of you who think your hot shots on here just love to belittle others who do not know quite as much as you do and its getting quite sickening some of the short snotty comments that are made.