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Originally Posted by Prince Humperdink View Post
Thank You, I just have 4 more to go but already well on the way on another one,You may want to give this glue a try it has a spout that makes it easy to apply to cracks etc ,You can get it at most Hardware stores and Wally world also. I have used many types of glue and I won't use anything else anymore,Its called Rapidfuse mad by DAP bonds virtually everything and let me tell ya, I have yet to find anything it won't bond 30 seconds to set,30 minutes to cure,I thought it was an hour but I'm reading off the bottle now,Its pretty nice to actually be able to stick something fitted together carefully and 30 seconds later its not going anywhere,I used to use epoxy and several other things give this a whirl and see what you think great for those split handguards I don't even clamp them with this stuff you can get them perfect just by pressing them together for 30 seconds
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