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Default Correct sights for CMP .22 rifles

Not much going on in PresidentG world so I thought I'd make a list of the front and rear sights needed for the .22 rifles CMP has for sale right now.
Remington 40X-Redfield Olympic front and rear
Remington 521- Blade front, Lyman 57RS rear
Remington 513- Blade front, Redfield #75 RT rear
Remington 541X- Redfield #68 globe, Williams FP Low Target
Remington 540X- No sights provided ( Nick Stroebel Old Gunsights & Riflescopes suggests a Redfield #63 globe front and Redfield # 75 rear. Most of my references indicate no sights provided.)
Stevens 416- Blade front, Stevens #106 rear ( The Stevens #25 globe would also be correct. Finding the #25 and #106 will be challenging. Try Gerry Fellers TX)
Mossberg 44US- Hooded blade front, Mossberg 100 or Lyman 57MS rear
Mossberg 144US- Globe front, Redfield #75 rear
Harrington & Richardson M12- Redfield Olympic front Redfield Palma rear
Winchester 52- Redfield Olympic front and rear

Some will be easy to find, some will be very challenging. Finding correct sights for old target rifles is what makes collecting them fun!!
Good luck
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