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Originally Posted by daryan1203 View Post
Adding to my post above, check out what Garand Guru Gus Fisher says about the different grades of rifles from the CMP:

He recommends a service grade for your first rifle even if you have to wait.
Think SG is the best compromise of price versus quality...for 100 bucks more...but for bottom dollar, very tight budget, "just-want-a-Garand" FGs work OK - can be used casually now and upgraded later. My brief experience, this year, with 4 SAFG has been good...MW/TE 2-4 max, nice condition metal, almost all SA, all 4 WW2 SN, one matching BR '43. Wood all intact USGI dinged, Also appear very upgradeable and all parts usable. With new stock set, each would look identical to the 4 Dupages I've bought.
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