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Default Store Report 8/3

The Good:

About 12-14 service grade/field grade WRA, a couple with WRA barrels. One that caught my eye was a 6 digit WRA with a VAR barrel that gauged a 1/1 and type 2 SA lockbars. A couple with annealed receivers. All had USGI wood, one with a SA JLG cartouche (light) with the crossed cannons as well, while most had a 50's rebuild DOD cartouche. I am sure there were some other gems, those are just the ones I saw

They still have .30 carbine with the two box limit

A bunch of snipers Cs/Ds and Navy Mark 2 Mod 1s BRs

The Bad:

No Kimbers, or SA service or field grades as far as I saw. No AP/9mm

Final Notes:

Sorry, no pics, today was a polar opposite of two days ago when the racks were bare and only had one H&R SGS.

I picked up 2 cans of HXP in WW2 ammo cans for the fun of it, and a AFH bayo with brown bake light grips and about 95% finish. Still a can't believe I didn't bring a rifle home. Happy Hunting!
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