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Default Late North store report, Friday the 13th

Sorry for the late report. I went yesterday morning.

No 1903's, one field had a nice cartouched WWII stock I think, but rest of rifle was ratty. I saw no Lock bar sites.

Bob said he received I think 30 Rack grade specials and I can't rember but I think 50 or 60 field grades, so he had rifles in those categories to restock the shelves at the end of the day untill those are depleted, he said most all the other rifles what you see out is all they have.

Missing from the pictures is the Rack of Rack Grade specials, rack was full about 22-24 rifles out, pitting was from minor to severe, the Rack grades I saw at the south store on Thursday looked about the same quality however the one I bought in Alabama looked excellent with very minor pitting at the stock line, more pitting on the bolt and floor plate but about field grade quality,

Also there is a less than half full rack of IHC service grades, probably 8 rifles, one was a Gap letter that was found and purchased before I found it. I didn't see any IHC bolts, only S.A. and one HRA.

WRA Field grades only one had a WRA bolt, it was purchased while I was there. I think all had SA barrels

Sorry I don't have more detailed info, but was in a hurry to get back home.

Thanks to Bob for helping me out, one of the best things about going to the stores is being educated by Bob and the knowlegable shoppers as well.

Field Grades


308 IHC Specials

WRA Specials

CMP Specials



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