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Default Ridgway Rifle Club NRA Military Rifle Silhouette Matches

The Ridgway Rifle Club in Ridgway, PA will be holding NRA Military Sem-Auto Silhouette Matches again in 2010. We are hosting the first ever PA State Championship next year. Dates are tentative so I won't post them yet, but watch for details.

Even if you don't have a military semi-auto, we allow bolt actions (1903, Enfields, etc), but you will not be eligible for awards. Attendance has been growing since we first started this style match. We average 20-30 competitors at the monthly matches.

We shoot two 40 shot matches at the monthly matches. I'm not sure what the State Match will be.

We have fun matches after the regular match so bring lots of ammo!

No armor piercing ammo allowed! Most people use Greek HXP.

You will want to bring your own lunch!

If anyone has any questions email or PM me here.

Hope to see ya next year!
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