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Default Central PA M1G/Spfld club match

Saturday, July 27, 2013, there is a M1 Garand/Springfield club match in Central PA at Liberty Township Sportsmen .

This is a club match, not CMP approved (no awards or medals, just bragging rights), but will follow CMP rules. This will be the second time this club has ever run such a match but the man that calls the line is very experienced at calling CMP approved matches at other clubs. He is also very patient with new competitors. Here is a chance to encourage a club to continue to have matches and grow into approved matches. Your attendance would go a long way toward that end. I shot the first match they had in the spring and it was as good as it gets for a 100yd walk & paste. You shoot off a concrete slab from under roof in the shade. You supply you own safe ammo. Parking right behind the line.

I would shoot this match again but my home club is having a work day and I prommissed I would help with that.

See the club website for more info and pictures of the first match.

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