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Originally Posted by mahd776 View Post
This post really drives home what I am just starting to learn. A friend and I go shooting several times a year at his or my club range. Has always been sitting and shooting from a bench. Dawned on me last year that while dammed accurate shooting off a bench I was terrible other wise! Went to a intro to High Power Service Rifle a couple months ago that was put on by the Illinois State Rifle Association and have since shot two matches at my club in Tremont IL. Scores were as I expected low but I had a lot of fun and have been learning more in those two matches than anytime bench shooting. Used a AR the first match and M1A second match. At 63 years old I do not see myself being a high ranked shooter though anything is possible but at least will be able to hit my target from different positions if needed. This has really opened my eyes as to what shooting should be about at least for me.
I think that I was at the same clinic that you attended at the ISRA Range. I think they did a very nice job there. I'm glad to hear that you are shooting some matches in Tremont. I have been wanting to make my way over there to one. I have been shooting some Vintage Rifle Matches with my Garand in Pontiac. They have an outstanding range and some really great guys. You should try to make it over there sometime.

In regards to the OP....Outstanding and well said Sir!!

Regards and Good Shooting
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