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It's interesting to note how many folks that hump carbine parts think or their way of thinking. There is a certain psychosis associated with their perverted way of thinking that justifies the ends to a means in their criminal minds.

One put it pretty plainly to me when he said "Send it back, there are others who will appreciate what I have to offer." In other words because I made it, or found a way to get it for you, it's as good as any original out there. What a line of ****************.

When you complain, they then become the "victim" . When you do not complain they are secretly saying "If you are stupid enough not to do your homework, and to part with your money, then you deserve what you get." Consequently many that are new to our hobby get burned and unfortunately there are several of these shysters that once had a good name making matters even worse. In my opinion, these are the worst of the worst.
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