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Default Ammo Crates

I have several wooden HXP, AYR and SL ammo crates for sale. All are complete with covers, straps, washers and wing nuts.
These are the crates that hold two .30 Cal. spam cans. $20 FTF or + shipping.


This got complicated fast! More interest than I thought.

I have had several folks contact me concerning these crates. One has requested photos.
To be fair to all I have attached a link to a slide show of the nine (9) crates that I have to offer; Four (4) AYR, Four (4) SL and one (1) HXP. There are three (3) views of each crate. All crates are in sound condition and are complete.
I have found an economical way (depending on your location) to ship a single crate by USPS Priority Mail using a Regional C box.
Post an "I'll take X" and follow with a PM.

Crates #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 have been sold.

#6 SPF

Here's what I did with 4 crates in my reloading area. I was short a set of hinges for the top right crate. They have since been installed.

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