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Originally Posted by Thirdcliff View Post
It's my understanding that anyone with a Class A Large Capacity license can own one in Massachusetts providing it is "pre ban". I filled out all the proper paperwork and registered this one with the state. Four Seasons Firearms in Woburn usually has a couple for sale in their "used guns" section with no conditions. There is a M1911A1 listed for sale there now...$2099.99...Ouch!! Perhaps the ones for C&R holders were not in the state prior to the '94 date. I really doubt that Four Seasons or a gun smith would be risking their livelihood by selling an illegal firearm.
Interesting. I must have been completely mistaken then about purchasing a 1911A1 without a C&R.

What's your understanding then of why the CMP could not sell these to Mass. residents? I thought it was because it called for a 2nd background check from the FFL to purchaser, and since these were not Mass. approved, they could not therefore then be transferred?

I wonder if there is something about the pistols having been in the state pre-94 as opposed to having the CMP pistols now shipped from out of state from Anniston.

Glad you got yours!
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