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Default Reloading for AR-15

These are my experiences from shooting highpower competition:

Unless you are a High Master and you shoot often at 600 yrds, you will not find that the 80 and 90 grain bullets give much, if any, benefit over the 69 and 77 grain bullets. Also the 80 and 90 grain bullets don't fit in the magazine. Its single load only. There is a whole science to adjusting the cartridge OAL such that the 80/90 grain bullets just touch the rifling etc.

If you are master class or less or a new shooter, the 77grain bullet will do everything you need with a lot less fuss. I have seen enough 69 grain groups to say that it is sure seems more accurate out to 300 yards than the 77 gr. However, after that range it needs a lot more wind adjustment.

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