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I used to shoot 80g SMK at 600 with 24.5g of Varget, OAL was about 2.440. that should be .020 / .030 OFF the lands. this was a load that really worked well for me. it was a wilson barrel 1/8. one year at Perry with a 4 to 5 minute wind, shot 197-11. a few years back several folks I know tried 90g bullets. none of them could get them to work, went back to 80's.
I shot 77g SMK's at 200 / 300. same 24.5g of Varget, Mag length.

24.5 is a pretty full case, you will get a "crunch" when you seat them, crunch is good.

Varget worked for me, but if you don't like it, the VV135 is very good, no reason not to use it. I think its a bit hotter than Varget, drop down a few grains and and try it.
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