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I realize squadding request have been taken in the past, and folks do their best to make those requests.
My point is not to rely on squadding request and "luck" and "hope".

Just let rattle battle team members shoot MM and/or Roosevelt on another 30 shot relay, on Sat or Sun. It keeps it simple... Squadding requests are minimized. If I need to go to the office to pick up my shirt or medal for my firearm that's different than on the match program, that's OK, I'm not trying to make it a free for all in the tent behind the firing line.

If someone is on a RB team, such as myself, and want to shoot MM and Roosevelt, there is no way that squadding request can be made....

I get it, three matches in one day, I just have to decide which one to shoot. So I did.
I stuck with my team to support one RB relay and shoot in another. I was willing to pay for an extra fee for Sat/Sun to shoot one of the other matches if I could.

The ability to shoot Roosevelt and MM on the other matches would likely generate more match fees and reduce the special squadding requests.... if they don't reduce the squadding request, there's at least an option if a squadding request can't be met.

Thanks for your consideration.
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