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J.R. 2009,

I'm happy to have found this site. I'm a new guy that has his Dad's Korean War M1 carbine. I am presently climbing the 'vertical' learning curve on the history, etc of the M1 carbine. This site is a magnificent venue for so much information.

Anyway, 'MePoocho' came from living in Baja Sur, California... In 2005 my wife and I moved to a small fishing village 1,100 south of the US border on the coast. We built a place on the ocean and lived there for 8 1/2 years.

One day while on our monthly two hour journey to town for provisions we spotted a six week old little puppy on the side of the dirt road and picked her up. We named her 'Betsy' and nursed her back to health.

We enjoy the song 'Béame Mucho' (kiss me a lot) so we made it 'BetsyMePoocho' and sing it to her. Now we are presently living in Florida and still we sing it to her and I use 'MePoocho' on this forum.

As a side note,,,, J.R. 2009, in early '65 I was also in SAC on B-47's in the 509th stationed at Pease, AFB, NH. And in mid '65 I was reassigned to PACAF and C130's. Which dropped my rear in SEA & Vietnam until '71.

Long story, but that is why I use 'MePoocho'.
"Every Day I Try To Be The Man My Dog Thinks I am"
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