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With the number of 40Xs that were found to be available, likely two hundred or less, the number when divided between mail order sales and two stores will be mighty few. When they hit the stores my guess they will not last the day. The Win. 52Ds are less in number and haven't been inspected yet. If the 40Xs are any example of rifles being canibilized, I doubt the 52s will be much different and they are starting off with a lot less. It would be a dream to have 40Xs and 52s to go through but it won't happen. Best bet is to have an order form filled out except for the item and order number and be ready to overnight it or Fed Ex or Big Brown it the same day it you are going to have a chance of any sort. Also it would help to put down a second choice in terms of barrel weight with your order form. In regards to condition I can't remember any really bad rifle of either make sent out by CMP, if you are chosey you will be losey as there won't be any replacements.

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