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Default What to expect

Hey! I just finished the AMC class and the class got to go to the store on tuesday. There was a few rack grades there. Only two of us bought rack grades. I put back a USMC rebuild, dated 66. The other gentleman in the class was very happy about that and got it. I would have got it but it was the 1st one I looked at and I put it back. I did get a 5.9 million that wasn't all that bad and it even had lock bar sights on it. I shot it today at the new range. Boy is that place very very nice, but that is another story. Just thought I would give you guys a heads up. We took two and there was about 5 left. Wanted another one but hey I had already spent enough this week. The AMC Class ROCKS! I learned a lot and I really enjoyed it.

Good luck guys.
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