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The military spec's for M2 Ball is 150gr bullets @ 2740 fps @ 75 feet from the muzzle. If you use a chronograph at 10 feet from the muzzle you will be right at 2800 fps plus or minus 40 fps.

The powder range is up to 52 grs of 4895 as long as the velocity is within specified limits.

Over the years of shooting surplus 4895 and various lots of IMR 4895, 49grs has been considered by the Garand shooting community a safe replication load for M2 Ball loading.

If you want to know if your pet load duplicates M2 Ball spec, shoot some M2 military ball over a chronograph, then using IMR-4895 and 150 gr bullets, test loads over the chronograph until matching fps is achieved at the muzzle. You will then have the max load for your Garand. (With that lot of powder)

Remember you are not protecting your rifle from chamber over pressure but from the operation rod being bent from too much pressure at the muzzle, which will accelerate the rod too much and cause it to be bent when it slams into the receiver. 49 grs of IMR-4895 is several grains shy of max published 150gr bullet loads in a bolt action rifle.

If you want to push your Garand to max pressure for the chamber, you need to get an adjustable gas plug and move your powder selection to 4350 or 4831. Either will get max velocity with a full case, but the adjustable gas plug must be used to protect the op rod.

Good luck and have fun loading for your rifle.
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