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Default Electronic Target information ?

So guys, I belong to a local club and we have a 300 yard "walk up & paste" range. Recently, we've been "just talking" about the Talladega targets... if our club could afford the purchase of "several" wireless type.

I read the article about Perry- by 2018 it'll be converted to electronic CMP targets. It got us thinking a bit more. It's going to take a year or two at least for us to move on this (we're southerners, like Leon, and we take things slow....).

So we have about a dozen 300 yard firing points, 15 or so 200 yard points. With the portability of the wireless target systems we're thinking of "several". We've briefly and informally spoke with Brian at Talladega about them but honestly at the time, we didn't think we'd have a shot at convincing our Board of Directors to take a leap. That may be changing.... We're getting more guys interested in shooting our CMP matches and at (15) 200 yard firing points we're going to run out. That'll mean multiple relays. That'll mean more time the "Range" needs to be reserved for CMP Matches, something the Board will not like to do (keeping it from being "open" for all members). Enter the CMP electronic targets... We've shot Talladega in 2015 and will be back two more times this Fall/Winter. So we know the "throughput" these targets make, shortening match times significantly.

So al this rambling is about some investigatory questions;
- do you guys have a boiler plate Power Point Presentation that addresses the "selling points" of these target systems? This might be really useful for assisting (free) small clubs in determining cost/benefits. Also for "Directors" that have never, nor will likely ever, shoot Talladega or Perry, help understand what they're all about.
- basic same questions on maintenance/rebuilding the sound chambers, replacing shot sensors/wires, etc..
- basic same question(s) on "standard" costs.

Something like this might help a bunch of clubs around the country start to build some interest and support for purchasing these target systems.

Don't know if this makes sense to you or not, but hopefully you "get it". I'll be back to Sweet Home Alabama in late September. Perhaps I can have some more sensible questions at that time. For now, it'd be great to get some dialogue going on these systems. Our club budgets early in the year (January), so it's definitely not too early.


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