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The 200/300 yard target systems from KTS are as portable as standard targets used for those distances. They are built on a 4 ft wooden frame and can be fitted to standard carrier systems in use at most ranges. The targets can then be removed and stored as readily as normal target boards. They are heavier of course because they have substantially more material involved. They would only need to be replaced into the carrier, target cables installed, and powered to be put back into operation. The target systems at the park in Talladega were designed as a permanent installation, not intended to be stored periodically or after use, but that is not the only method of installing these systems.
The CMP has a set of mobile systems that were used at the OK Games earlier this year. They are the same systems in use on our 600 yard line, and are built on a 6 ft wooden frame. They were taken to OKC Gun Club, installed for the match, removed afterward and returned to Anniston. Installation took a couple of days because frames were built to allow the targets to be installed in the existing lifter systems, take down took a couple of hours, including loading them back on the truck.
So, a set of targets dedicated for use on a range that has a target storage shed on or near the target line could be installed or taken down in about the same time necessary to set up current target boards that are used. No sensors to remove and reattach, no calibration required for each target, or each installation, just place the targets in the carriers and connect them to each other and the power/data communication system.
Portable is a broad term, anything can be made portable. The systems are designed to be easily installed, taken down and stored with no disassembly required, and then placed back into operation just as easily, meeting the requirements the OP discussed.
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