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I would agree with the two above posters. I beg to ask a question at this point, (since the topic of sleeved barrels is so rarely discussed here), does anybody know of, or have any factual information regarding the integrity of these 1960's era sleeved barrels? Have any ever been known to separate, or "blow up" to anyone's knowledge? I've not read, seen, or heard of any of these barrels malfunctioning during my entire lifetime. The particular one that I own (for a Garand) exhibits such excellent workmanship, that the splice is practically undetectable. FWIW, when I pointed that characteristic out while showing it to a respected gunsmith in these parts, he looked it over really well and said that he would not hesitate to use it. I'm inclined to agree with him. Can anyone that has first hand experience with these barrels persuade me otherwise? PM's or Emaills would be welcome. TIA!
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