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Aahh sounds like good sound advice,let me ask you this,if kits are $1,000 to $1,300 and if there is no barrel or bolt with it id figure what another $400.00 for those parts then you still have to buy a receiver and i'm not sure what a good one costs but ill guess $800.00? most people would just buy a completed rifle some where instead of a kit and all the other stuff and avoid any fitting issues and get a warranty too,unless they really wanted a rifle as close to a GI rifle as they could get.

I also saw where you all were talking about putting GI heels on other new receivers is that expensive to do that sounds like a real cool idea but is it safe and legal? I would love to one day find me a GI kit for $350.00to $400.00 that would be cool and I bet all the parts would already be worn together if off the same rifle and eliminate lots of fitting issues.

One day if I am lucky enough to find a kit for that price,I will try to build me one all GI except the receiver then id like to find someone who would put a heel on there for me too.Is it expensive to pay some one to weld one on?
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