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Gave a fellow a hand putting a rifle together this morning using his Bula stripped receiver, bula bolt and a FA stainless 1-10 barrel. Went together like a dream as the 4 dozen others I have in the herd did.
I have been using Bula receivers, bolts and barrels since they started up making them.
Only problems I have seen were created by folks that were used to ARs and thought they could build an M14.
I have rifles built on Bulas with every mfg usgi barrels, Criterions, Kreigers and Chinese. All have gone together great.

New rifle's owner function firing for the first time.

First two rnds from new build. Sights set at center front and rear and elevation up 6 in shop.

First shot at 100yds. This is the 3rd shot from new build with original sight settings.

The grin on this young fellow's face says it all. Bula makes great stuff if you know how to work with it.

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