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If you decide to shoot:

Have the Headspace checked so you know it's safe to shoot.
Buy a replacement stock and hand guard and save your current stock set safely.
Don't use Bubba's Reloads.
Try a mag and inspect your spent brass.
You can shoot it safely.

But if your heading out often....3-4 times a week, consider a shooter. Even Imports can make good shooters and save you the worries on denting the stocks or scratching the metal finish.

Around here I'd pay $1200-$1400+ But keep in mind I have 2 very much like yours. Someone who needs to fill that slot may be willing to go much higher.
On a GB auction you need bidders that know that 5,0 Inlands can be found with different makers Flip sights.
There were times it seems all you could find were Inlands in this serial range.
Lately not so many.
Try looking at (advanced completed sold) auctions on GB for Inland carbines. You'll get an idea of what good, gooder and goodest carbines are selling for... (Fees not shown).

If mine,
I'd shoot to feel the rush and enjoy the smile. Then clean it up spotless and set aside. It will increase in value... no doubts.
Then buy a shooter. All in all with what you paid for this one and what it's worth, that difference will buy you a shooter. Note: If you sell it, You WILL regret it down the road.

If your not a collector sell it and buy 2 good mix master shooters.
Just keep in mind you don't come across carbines this nice very often.
For another group of opinions post over on Milsurps M1/M2 carbine forum.

As always your call. Good Luck with your decision and Thx for sharing it with us.

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