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Default WTB Various Milsurp Firearms & Other Items

Looking for a completely matching German K98 for sale. Rifle must be original with no import marks, an unsanded stock and no rebluing. Years 1937-1944. $2000 MAX. Thanks!
May also settle with a mismatch or a capture so dont be afraid to ask

**Seller must be willing to completely confirm all matching and all correct parts through pictures (i.e. gonna be a whole lotta pics for a $1800 offer guys)**
Now also looking for an M1 Carbine. Ill take a look at all of them but not interested in commercial copies. $1200 MAX.
Always looking for any of these as well:

•Springfield 1903 or 1903A3 (Remington, Springfield, Rock Island, Smith Corona)
•M1917 (Winchester, Remington or Eddystone)
•Lee Enfield No3 Mk1
•Russian SKS
•M1898 Krag
•Springfield Trapdoor
•Gewehr 98
•French Mas 36
•Swiss K31 or K11
•German Luger
•German P38
•French Lebel
•USGI 1911 or 1911A1
•Swedish M96 Mauser
•Tokarev pistol (Russian, Yugo, Chinese, Polish, etc.)

Bayonets Im Currently Looking For:
•German M1871 bayonet
•U.S. marked Ross bayonet
•Japanese Type 30 bayonet frog(s)
•French Chassepot bayonet frog
•French Gras bayonet
•German K98 bayonet w/ matching numbers
•British M1907 bayonet

Thanks for looking!
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