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CMP gun that made it to the FFL yesterday. Best I can tell in my limited experience with these is that its all late RR.

Serial #: NO 2137056
Year: 1945
Make: Remington Rand
Model: M1911A1 U.S. Army

Barrel: "HS" High Standard on right side, "P" proof on left side

Slide: Type 3 slide, Remington Rand Inc. - Syracuse, N.Y. U.S.A.;
"P" proof in front of rear sight;
"G" inspector mark in hammer recess

Frame: "ANAD 2 76" - Feb. 1976 rebuild at Anniston Army Depot;
"FJA" Frank J. Atwood inspection mark;
"A" on left side-front trigger guard;
"P" below magazine release;
"Crossed Cannon" ordnance stamp on right side rear;
"4" on right side-front trigger guard;
"2" on right side-rear trigger guard;

Firing Pin Retainer Plate: Type 2

Mainspring Housing: Nine groove Type 3
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