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Thanks Tom, Kurt and others. My brother in law Kirk had a great time and is very motivated to do better next time. He plans on practicing his offhand a lot. At least the casino was fun for me. Hope we get better weather next time. I had to go out in the backyard and shoot the .22 after I got back to at least get some rounds downrange on the day. Look forward to seeing some of you folks at the next one. I may have some cheeseheads in tow if I can get them over their fear of being whomped by some Minnesotans. I've got a shoot at the guy's cabin by Grantsburg with some guys from next weekend. I'll twist some arms.

Thanks again, Ryan (the guy who didn't get to shoot). And if you need a hand on the next one, just hollar. I'm happy to help where I can but don't want to butt into your business either so just let me know.
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