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I just found this thread and may be able to provide some info that will help you figure out what you have. As someone mentioned previously, your rifle's serial number does not appear in the SRS list but number 1343992 is listed as an NRA Sporter and number 1343973 is listed as a 1903 National Match. A lot of rifles in that serial number range are NRA Sporters and a lesser number are National Match. I would bet that your rifle started out as a NRA Sporter or National Match. The NRA Sporters in that serial number range have the serial number of the rifle etched on the bottom of the bolt. When the bolt is out of the rifle the extractor has to rotated 90 degrees to see it. Also, star guage number on the bottom of the barrel in an area that is covered by the fore end. On the NM the star guage number is under the barrel nearer the muzzle where it is covered by the upper hand guard. In the 1920's and 1930's some NRA Sporters were presented to winners of the national matches. Their serial numbers would not be on the SRS list.

The lack of cross bolts and the cheek piece tell us that it is not a modified NRA Sporter stock.
The beautiful stock on the rifle is the work of a master gunsmith.


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