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Originally Posted by OLDARMY View Post
Having Shot allot of B/P.. It's my newest obsession after Garands..
I don't agree that you need or want to use "boiling hot" water.
Whether the water is hot or not, seems to me to be a non-issue.
Water is water, unless it is steam or Ice.
Boiling hot water causes "flash rusting"
Having seen it many times in my B/P weapons... now I just use cold water and a small amount of Ammonia.
Just like the author states.
I guess this is why the Russians always "chromed" their barrels.
I've been shooting BP for years. I agree that "boiling water" is overkill and can actually be detrimental. Just warm water and lots of it will do. The best cleaner I've found for BP is Balistol and I'm sure it will work for corrosive primers too. Dilute it 10:1 in water since the water is what does the real cleaning. The balistol then forms a coating which protects the barrel from rust. I think it basically neutralizes any salt that might be left. At least none of my BP guns have had even a spec of rust on them since I started using balistol.
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