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With my Mosin 91-30 & M44 I use a bronze bore brush down the barrel 2-3 times dry to losen the residue. Then the bore snake twice. Then I shake the bore snake out usually beating it against the picnic table.

Next I use a 30 cal mop slide it down the barrel from the breech end with the muzzle in a pan of water about 1-1/2" deep. Soak the mop in the water then draw water slowly up the barrel 2-3 times. Change mops and repeat. Then spray carb cleaner down the barrel to blast any residue left. Then dry with patches. Then I take another mop damp with Hoppes #9 and coat the bore.

After cleaning, I wash the mops by putting dish soap on the mop similar to a toothbrush. Work with fingers, repeat if necessary and let dry. Sometimes I'll let the mop soak in a tea cup first with dish soap if they're really bad. Then the mops are ready for the next time. Plus you save a few $$$ cause mops aren't cheap.

Done in one day in about 20 minutes.

Best deal I've found for brushes is here

And mops here
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