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Time for some wood pictures.
1st I sprayed diluted purple power on the wood, let sit for 20 min and scrubbed with a wet scotchbrite sponge. It got the rust-dirt looking crud off leaving black nasty wood.

I should have taken more pictures. The brown streaks are the original crud. It took 3 sessions of spray-pray-wait-scrub. This is after the 2nd, you can see some of the final black wood.

Some stop here; having seen some pictures of the actual wood I decided to remove the 150 yrs of aging. Some may choose not to do this. After some research I decided I would do this. I used oven cleaner (easiest way to apply lye soap). If you plan to do this I suggest testing on an obscure part of the stock to see if it meets your needs. this is my 1st time doing this, and I am very pleased.
I spray on the cleaner and let it sit for 20 min. Then I scrub with an old toothbrush to ensure I loosen everything, especially in the recesses, cutouts and ramrod channel. I then immediately wipe dry (paper towels, and once wiped clean, some wet ones will remove more crud). 2-3 sessions of this are needed. You can do one after the other, but you need it to dry (30-60 min for me) so you can fully see what is now wood and what is still crud.
I started at the front and have worked my way back to the lock area. You can easily see how this progresses.

No cleaning from lock to 1st escutcheon (other than what ran down the stock). To the right is one session of cleaner, scrub, wipe.

2 sessions towards the right. It looks more orange in the picture, it is actually a very nice chocolate shade with nice visible grain.

3 sessions towards the right. It is still drying, and there is still moisture in the dings and marks so they look darker. It has evened out well. You can see the one stock split where the left pin holding the ramrod pipe has rusted to the wood. What looks like a crack running through the hash marks is just a scratch best I can tell but will keep any eye on it.

One note: Once the final wipe of cleaner is done use some pipe cleaners, patches, wadded up paper towels and hit all the recesses. Pull through screw holes, get all of the crud out of the recesses. As it's drying it's easy to see as it's not dry yet.

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