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Originally Posted by Orlando View Post
I have said this many, many times. If you go by what others have received you may be setting yourself up for a big dissapointment.
No one posts pics of the rifles from the low end of the grade description
Its all luck of the draw
yup. walking through the north store there were a few racks of SA FG's on them. some of them looked pretty awful (mismatched stocks, drenched in cosmoline, etc). I was/am still to much of a novice to pick one up and know it for a gem in the rough. some looked in good shape, others looked not that great. none looked as good as the service grades.

there is quite a bit of variation on the FG that I Saw. the only thing that looked standard was the ME and TE of 3-4. (every one i looked at was in that range).
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