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Default FS: 12/15 BSA Martini

BSA Martini 12/15 Martini, .22 lr in Good/Very Good condition. The outside of the barrel shows light pitting. The bore is bright and shiny with no rust or pitting, the rifling is clean and sharp. The trigger is excellent, crisp and no creep. The rifle shoots a wide range of ammunition accurately (e.g. CCI sv), it shoots Ely Rifle Match extremely well. The barrel is 29 long, the stock has not been shortened. The wood is in very good condition, i.e., no scratches or gouges. The sights are original and track accurately. The rifle is an excellent shooter, not a safe queen. The gun will be shipped in a hard case. Pictures available on request. Price: $650 + $30 shipping. Thanks for looking, Tom
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