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Originally Posted by DAL View Post
I picked up 2 HRA rack grades Saturday. Will be delivered tomorrow. One of them is a 4.7 sn. I was going for 2 to convert with new 308 barrels. If mine is the O-66 rebuild, what is the significance? Should I leave it be and purchase another project rifle? I'm a long time gun enthusiast, but a newbie in the Garand game. Any help would be appreciated! Thx.
Garands marked "O-66" on the top of the receiver were rebuilt by Marine Corps armorers. The one I saw in the North Store racks looked as though it had been rebuilt again, but I don't know that there is any way to tell for certain. If you bought that rifle, you might try shooting it as is - as I recall, the barrel readings weren't bad, and I suspect it was graded Rack because of the stock.

Good luck!

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