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Default Danish M1D FKF scope

Good Day 860306,
A number of the Danish FKF (Forsvarets Krigsmaterial Forvaltning or Defense/War Material Administration) scopes came into the country around 15-20 years ago through companies like Northridge, Southern Ohio and other dealers. Many came in through Canada. The vast majority were M-84 scopes but a very small number of M-82 scope were likewise marked indicating service in the Danish military. Beneath the FKF and crown markings, there should be a number that indicates the serial number of the rifle it was "mated" to by the Danes.

You stated the Winchester M1D had a VAR (Vaabenarsenalet -Arms Arsenal) barrel. Please double check that as I've never read where the HMAK (Hærens Materiel Kommand -Army Materiel Command) or HTK (Hærens Tekniske Korps -Army Technical Corps) issued a directive for a M1D barrel to be produced. Please take lots of pictures if it is VAR marked.

On an aside, a few original Danish M1D stocks were seen with range stickers on the left side of the stock beneath the elevation knob. See if the rifle has remnants of this sticker.


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