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Originally Posted by sparx View Post
Here is a thread with cz 452 issues.

I want to use the rifle for inform target shooting at 50' yards mostly.
Hey sparx,

I believe the CZ would excel at 50yd informal target shooting. I think if you look at some of the other posts on this thread you will see a number of CZ owners that agree.

As for buckweets' situation, I don't know where to start other than to say, YES, CZ's safety is reversed of other rifle manufactures you might have used. If that is a deal killer to you, walk away. I think if you spent more time on rimfirecentrals CZ/BRNO page, you will see a much better representation of those that LOVE the CZ's and have several.

YOU should talk to the guys at the range(s) you frequent and see what they think of their CZ's. I see them (owners of CZ's shooting their CZ's) at my local outdoor range all the time. I have yet to meet an owner that didn't LOVE his CZ. Your mileage may vary.

I have CZ's and I will buy more CZ's. Good luck making your choice.
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