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Originally Posted by ZvenoMan View Post
Here is a thought:
CMP, trying to maximize operating efficiency, needs to ship rifles. They have negotiated an extremely low shipping rate, and, faced with the next part of the process, need a packing method. A foam-lined cardboard box has a fixed cost and most likely a good amount of data related to % of items damaged in transit based on CMP's use in the past. They also have used a low end plastic case enclosed in a cardboard box, like today's method, or the prior green case.
Perhaps their ONLY goal is the lowest overall shipping cost, factoring in these 3 items: Cost of shipping (and any associated lowered insurance based on this lowered cost), cost of packaging, and overall damage (which means replacement) rate.
If this method costs the least, yet a few of the plastic cases are damaged/destroyed, that seems like a win. Delivering the customer a plastic case is not the measured goal here.
So far in this and other threads I have seen examples where the shipping caused damage to the case, but I don't recall any damage to the rifle? Many people consider that a "win"; the case did as CMP wanted; took the damage while protecting the contents? And many wind up with a free, low end plastic rifle case as well. Sacrificial packaging is a thing, at least in the business world, oh, DOD, Government, whatever.
To many, the shipping cases are like coat hangers; I'm sure there are threads in the marketplace with people offering to give them away.

Nah, I'm sure they didn't put this kind of thought to shipping.....
This. No real need for the case for most of us I would think. Whatever helps CMP further the mission is good medicine.
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