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Default South Store Report 10/26/18

The racks were full at 8:00. I was the only one in the store until 8:30. Three more came in around 9:30.
There were four .308 specials two International Harvesters and two Winchesters in nice CMP walnut. One Winchester was taken while I was there. There were nine Springfield service grades with GI stocks. One 1.15 mil had the original barrel and correct bolt went home with me. Two 6 digits had a WW2 barrels but not original. One 6 digit had an nice stock with DAS and lock bar sights and a 1951 barrel. I tried to talk one customer into taking it as I would have, if I had not just reached my eight for the year. When I left, there was 7 Springfield service grades remaining.
There were a few Springfield Field grades some with GI stocks, some hackberry.
There were two HRA's. I don't remember if they were SG or FG.
International Harvesters were the majority of the rifles in stock, mostly in hackberry.
There were two Springfield M1Cs. I think one was a SG and one a FG. One had a matching serial numbers on the mount. One had a hang tag dated 2010, so they have been hanging on to that one for awhile. They were both nice rifles.
There were three drill rifles. Two had red tape attached to the hand guards and the other had a shiny stock. I did not inspect the welds.
There were no bolt action rifles and no Winchesters other than the .308 specials.
There were no USMC rebuilds or WW2 cartouches which is what I was looking for on my first scan of the racks.
Sorry if the details are not as good as PH68.
Thanks to Armorers Benjamin and Paul for their help.
I think once these Sprinfield SGs are gone they go back to selling through mail orders.
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