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Originally Posted by gunnut1 View Post
I requested and I think received a Turkish return Garand in April of this year. The TG has the Turkish dope tag and most of the parts I can identify are IHC and it was full of oil and sand (like my G1 FAL kit was). It is a Springfield 6 digit receiver circa 1943.
I know that CMP could have swapped the TG out but I understand that the Turks received a large number of IHC parts so everything seems to fit for aTruk return.

Could this be a true Turk return?
I received a mail order FG 6 digit (Feb 42) wearing a 1-63 barrel at about the same time period as you received yours.. I'm 95% positive it is a Turk return. The processing date on the hang tag certainly fits. It had the Turk dope tag in a WRA trigger housing and had several IHC parts including a decent op rod. Like yours it was full of dirt and dried grease. Even had dried grass under the rear sight cover. The finish has a brownish looking patina. A armorer at south store told me that a lot of the Turk rifles had that patina, he didn't know why nor had he found a way to safely remove it. His theory was that the Turks used some type of petroleum based preservative on the metal that reacted with the finish.

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