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Originally Posted by Mr_cat77 View Post
I haven't yet received a reply from my email to HK about this.
I'm curious if I'll get the same reply. Might depend on who responds to your message.
Did HK really never make these, or are the records just hard to find or no longer existing?

I'm not disappointed if they didn't make my barrel, just want to figure out who did.

Apparently there weren't many of these barrels made.
Maybe there were only a few made on a trial run, but no further orders placed.

I'm very surprised that so far no one knows for sure and no one else has piped up in this thread to say that they too have one like it.
Again since 1959 HK marked their parts with the "HK" logo and usually the date and proof (if applicable). The idea that "HEC" had anything to do with HK, was IMHO, not even remotely possible but there is no harm in asking.

Secondly HK didn't even begin working with 45 caliber until the modern pistols they market now in the US (USP etc).

That list you got "HEC" as being HK is mistaken. It lists the code for US military rifles made by Springfield Armory as "USA." It is, to be blunt, worthless.

Here's an example of a USP pistol and it's markings:

About half way down are the barrel markings.
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