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One thing of which I hope you are ALL aware:

Real, genuine M1907's were NEVER uniform in color, one compared to the next. I have seen reddish, dyed brown, oiled brown, very nearly black, and so on. The only thing I have NEVER seen on an authentic sling is that disgusting, trumped-up dry white thing, and when I get it on a repro, I oil it immediately to induce a nice dark natural tan.

But these do vary in color! I'm sure you noticed in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN they were reddish, which was very common on Raider and Airborne gear (why, I do not know!), albeit not uniformly so.

Some of this is difference in the hides, some are lightly dyed, most are natural skins, oiled just enough to be workable.

But this same permutation follows through on these repros, albeit I seldom see that "reddish" color. Last case opened is predominantly brownish. You can darken any of these tones with Neatsfoot's oil.

And don't buy the hype. Unless it's an antique, Neatsfoot's works very well. All the phony baloney usually comes from con men who, what a surprise, have something to sell. It may not be ideal for something in a museum, but that isn't where my guns are.

Anyway, there will be less color permutation on these than on the real ones. (Update/edit: this is no longer correct. Now, a wide variety of colors and tones is extant. Even "all black"!)

And by the way, as long as you understand the parameters, go ahead and order if you wish. It looks as if my travel plans are likely to be proscribed.

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