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Default First Carbine

Arrived on New Year Eve.

SG Bavarian Rural Police
1.1M WRA
Marked with last 4 digits of the serial number:

Op slide
Bolt (hand marked on top)

The top of the receiver at the chamber has the finish lightly ground off on the left side possibly for the silver solder? The lettering is barely visible.

I notice if I let the bolt fly shut and then dry fire - the left lug rotates up about 0.050" further into battery so it is flush with the top of the receiver. Is this a problem? Also the op slide is pretty loosy goosy with the bolt in the closed position - about 0.030" play up and down and 0.040" side to side. My Garand goes fully into battery with no play in the op rod in this situation.

The stock has no cartouches that I can detect. Not sure what the wood is.

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