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Originally Posted by Reponator View Post
Well, thanks for all the helpful suggestions. It was an interesting trip and alot of fun. I looked through alot of rifles and settled on a service grade SA. I didn't notice any WWII recievers in my price range (although after looking at the SN range for the rack grade WRA they had some of those may have been). Even though it is not a WWII vet I'm happy with the rifle as it is very low wear and looks good. I also bought a can of ammo so I can try her out. Thanks again for all the suggestions and thanks to the man from Gaylord at the store who answered some of my questions.....
You are most welcome.. You got a pretty rifle. I'm sure it won't be your last...By the way..I gauged a lot of those WRA FG while I was waiting around. They were pretty much gauge swallowers. You didn't make a mistake.
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