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Originally Posted by airmac53 View Post
Today was my first trip to the NS with my brother and brother-in-law. We got to the store at around 8:10 and were some of the first in line; by 9:00 there were about 15 people shopping. The shopping experience was amazing and we ended up picking some good ones. I got a SG HRA 5.6M with ME 0.5 and TE of 2.5 (as per Jim's measurements). The stock was in great shape with visible cartouche. The guys behind the counter said I got very lucky because the only part that was not HRA was the front sight. Other purchases in our group were a SG SA with ME 1 and TE 2 , a SG HRA with ME 1 and TE 2 with a LMR barrel and a FG HRA ME 2 and TE 2.

The guys behind the counter, Jim and Frank were awesome and very helpful! Also, thank you to the two guys from Illinois who gave us a good education on Garand's fast!

These are our first Garand's and they certainly wont be our last. Looking forward to making another NS run in the future. Some pictures of my HRA are in the link below, I have not cleaned it up yet though.
Welcome to the Forum. Nice Rifle!!! That will be your first of many. You'll get Garanditis.It's an addiction, you'll never get cured, because there is no cure!!!!
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